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Our clients take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) services in every aspect of their business.

Capitalize and strategize.

Quality data is the cornerstone of AI. With our data science services, we help our clients capitalize on their data, and then develop an AI strategy to reach their desired level of maturity.

Learn and predict.

We help our clients to turn data into useful information. We make calculated predictions on what we learn from their large volumes of data, so our clients can make smarter decisions.

Optimize and automate.

Automation and optimization can improve almost every aspect of a business. We help our clients identify the areas of significant impact and then deploy solutions that substantially improve efficiency and ultimately reduce cost. 



Intelligent, data-driven solutions.

Combining our deep enterprise technology expertise with the understanding of our client’s business, allows us to surgically insert artificial intelligence to provide solutions, rather than deploying AI products.


What our clients ask for?

Natural Language Processing
Media Processing
Recommender Systems
Internet-of-Things, Edge and Mobile AI
Machine Learning Operations
Data Mining
Natural Language Processing

Being able to process natural language can be very powerful in various aspects of a business. Natural language processing (NLP) covers a wide spectrum of well-defined AI use-cases, including:

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Text summarization

  • Neural machine translation (NMT)

  • Speech recognition

  • Text classification

  • Named entity recognition (NER)

  • Speech-to-text

  • Question/Answering

Media Processing

With the advances in computational power, specifically in Graphics Processing Units (GPU) and Tensor Processing Units (TSU), document, audio, image and video processing have become increasingly popular. Some AI use cases include:

  • Image classification
  • Image segmentation
  • Object detection
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Image filtering
  • Generative modeling
Recommender Systems

Recommender systems utilize data so businesses can connect their products and services to their clients more efficiently. The following are popular use cases:

  • Content recommendation
  • Experience customization
  • Smarter search

Being able to predict and automate can help optimize business processes, decision-making and stability, and ultimately reduce cost. Some of our optimization use-cases include:

  • Customer churn prediction
  • Employee attrition prediction
  • Parameter optimization
  • Process automation
  • Time-series prediction

Classification is key to being able to make critical business decisions. The ability to distinguish and group elements can help you understand concepts at a higher level of abstraction, giving insights into what can be predicted and automated. Typical examples are:

  • Anomaly detection
  • Customer segmentation
  • Clustering
Internet-of-Things, Edge and Mobile AI

With the rise of Internet-of-Things (IoT)/Edge and mobile technology, we have seen an increasing demand for computationally efficient AI solutions, like:

  • Digital twins
  • Client-side modeling
  • Edge processing
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Smart alerting/notifications
  • Offline AI solutions
Machine Learning Operations

Machine learning operations (MLOps) is a newer field that refers to the processes for a machine learning (ML) project from source to production. The following are recognized as MLOps:

  • Experiment tracking
  • Data versioning
  • Model optimization
  • Model registries
  • Model testing
  • Integration with developer operations (DevOps)
  • Deployment
  • ML infrastructure
Data Mining

Extracting knowledge from masses of data is the essence of data science, and the foundation of successful AI solutions. Examples of data mining are:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Data labeling
  • Aggregation and summarization
  • Data segmentation
  • Metadata extraction
  • Big data processing


We deliver AI solutions in the cloud and on-premises to meet your requirements in your infrastructure and environment. See our AWS solutions.


'Enterprises continue to demonstrate a strong interest in AI, with 48% of CIOs in the 2022 Gartner CIO and Technology Executive Survey responding that they have already deployed or plan to deploy AI and machine learning technologies within the next 12 months.'

Gartner Forecasts Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Software Market to Reach $62 Billion in 2022

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